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The Bier Hoose

Our Beer Man made an early visit to the Bier Hoose on Leith Walk and liked their fresh selection and relaxed feel. I’d been impressed on a couple of visits, too, so was intrigued to check out their recently added food offering.


I was joined by James and Jemma for a Sunday lunchtime visit. Hangovers were in evidence.

The food menu is a focussed selection of German sausages with some simple side dishes. We obligingly ordered all three sausages – frankfurter, bratwurst and currywurst – and each added fries.

My bendy sausage

Jemma opted for a can of kohlsh while I stuck with a traditional breakfast favourite, Schofferhofer. James had some sparkly water.

The sausages soon arrived in an array of amusing shapes. The accompanying fries looked skinny and crisp and proved pretty good.

There was a central condiment station for you to add all the necessary whatnots you fancy. I stuck with a spicy mayo.

Further sausage and fries

Although the buns were pretty weak, the sausages were very good. Sourced from local butcher Crombie’s my currywurst packed aromatic flavour and was a good sized beast. It seemed like precisely the kind of thing you’d want to eat while supping on some good German beer.

So overall, the Bier Hoose’s sausage-based menu seems a good fit. What we had hit the spot with little fuss and pleasing quality. The beer remains the main event but if you’re in need of a snack when you visit you’re amply served.

Blythe scores the Bier Hoose
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

Today’s questers were: Jemma, James, Blythe

We ate: bratwurst, frankfurter, currywurst, chips

We drank: kohlsh, Schoffy, sparkly water

We wore: hangovers (2), hangover-resistant jumper

Total bill: £29.10

Address: 379 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH7 5HN

Written by BKR