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My work schedule sometimes takes me to the west of the city around the Gyle. There’s a fairly bleak dearth of lunchtime options but I’d noticed a couple of food vans on a recent visit and enquired whether the Chinese one, called Nudoru, ever actually traded.


Regular guest quester Robyn works in one of the nearby offices. She confirmed that it did still trade, she had a menu, she’d heard the food was pretty good, and was also keen to try it. On a crisp Friday, we took the opportunity to visit.

The best way to gain access to their simple menu of soups, rice, noodle and foo yung dishes is to drop them a line with your order and collect it at the appointed time. Robyn did this and timed it nicely to meet me from my bus so we could walk along and collect it together.


The van has seen better days and doesn’t look much at all, but there was a healthy queue which we were able to jump and grab our dishes.

I’d ordered a chicken noodle soup and beef noodles while Robyn had opted for chicken fried rice. The total bill came to a very reasonable £9.80.

Chicken fried rice

We ambled back towards the office canteen and ate there. I started with the soup and it was very good. It was a light but flavour-packed broth with well-crafted noodles in its depths. I liked it a lot. Robyn was impressed with her fried rice, too.

My noodles maintained the standard. Again, this was simple, well-executed stuff. It was kept light and fresh by profuse bean sprouts but it was a hearty portion. I enjoyed it.


So overall, Nudoru proved to be a very good find. It served us good Chinese dishes that addressed lunchtime hunger in some style. I’d order from them again next time I’m in these parts and would recommend it to you.

Written by BKR