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Bakery Andante

I was sad to discover that Daniel’s Swiss Bakery had closed down, earlier in the year. Its industrial kitchen site near Ocean Terminal has been taken over by Bakery Andante and I believe Daniel was working there for some time following that change.


I popped in for a lunchtime visit on a very sunny but brisk day.

I’d visited Andante previously at the Platform 2 market in Waverley to sample one of their impressively tasty toasties. They trade regularly at other markets across the city.

This base of operations has a little customer counter with a selection of sweet and savoury treats.


My eye was immediately caught by their quiches. A verdant veggie one (£1.70) was the one I settled upon. This followed a slight swither when the friendly counter woman offered sausage rolls fresh from the oven. But no, the quiche was the way to go.

It proved a very good decision as the spinach and tomato quiche was beautifully seasoned and a real delight to eat. I’ve been eating a fair amount of quiche of late and I think this is the best I’ve had.

So overall, while it was sad to say farewell to Daniel’s, it was good to see his legacy continued in fine style by Bakery Andante. I would urge you to give them a visit and sample their excellent baked goods at your earliest convenient opportunity.

Written by BKR