April 1, 2017 Cheese, Street food No Comments

Rac City

It’s always good to see new traders starting out on the street food scene particularly when they bring something fresh to the party.


While we have the raclette cheese toasties from one of the Wee Red Coffee Boxes on George Square, no-one has had a proper go at bringing the Alpine delicacy that is raclette to the city.

Enter Rac City, a street food stall trading today for the first time. With an impressive raclette grill boasting wheels of cheesy splendour, it looked like they had the components in place for a joyful feast.


The friendly stallholders kept things simple by delivering the signature raclette serve of boiled potatoes and cornichons topped with the wondrous grilled cheese (£5).

Part of the theatre of the dish is the scraping of a melty layer of cheese off the top of the block with some sort of terrifying implement. This was delivered with a suitable flourish. With item in hand I munch while I walked.

It was simple and satisfying with the cheese of excellent melty quality. It was hearty and comforting stuff.

So overall, it was really pleasing to see Rac City on such fine form on their debut. I think over time they’ll develop some more things to scrape cheese goodness on top of. I look forward to that and would recommend that you give them a try next time you get the chance.

Written by BKR