La Cinquecento Pizza

Despite the persistent rain making it a rather dreary Saturday, I was keen to visit The Pitt as I was conscious I hadn’t been to check it out for a number of weeks.


The market has built up a strong and loyal following and is now an absolutely mainstay of the street food scene in Edinburgh.

Today there were a couple of traders that were new to me. The first of these was La Cinquecento Pizza. Based in the west of Scotland, they’ve been trading at markets and events for a good wee while but this was only their second time at The Pitt.

Pizza menu board

Their mobile wood-fired oven looked pretty smart as I contemplated their focussed selection of topping options.

I settled upon the 500 Special which brought together roast potatoes, Italian sausage and rosemary (£6).

This was prepared to order and was cooked quickly in the blazingly hot oven. With item in hand I took shelter in the market’s covered area and began munching.


The base was light with a good crispness and the topping was very satisfying. It could have used just a touch more cheese for my tastes but it hit the spot very nicely.

So overall, La Cinquecento look to be doing fine pizza work. What I sampled from them today was of really good quality and the stallholders all seemed like a very friendly bunch. I look forward to running into them at many future events around the country.

Written by BKR