Henderson’s at Holyrood

MJ’s Verdict

On the day that Blythe and I wandered over to Henderson’s wee café near Holyrood, I honestly could have been led anywhere. We were on a mission to be available while the actors were recorded reading the Echoes of the City stories and poems; very exciting!


The place itself is much as I remember it from its previous incarnation, but that’s been a while and I supposed you can’t change the layout too much on these places, nor would you want to. We took a seat at a table which luckily for me, had a wee heater near it. I opted to go for the sweet potato kofta wrap while Blythe got a spinachy thing with sweet potato fries and aioli.

I went to the salad bar area to order as they were a bit swamped and no servers seemed to be about. All pretty straightforward and timely. The one major niggle I had with the place was the dirty cups. There was water to grab for the table, which I did, but the cups were dirty – the point of not drinking out of them. Blythe kindly had the server replace them and we were good, but I did pay extra attention to my silverware after all (all clean as a whistle).


The food arrived and it was tasty and warm. The salad didn’t do anything for me, as it was just a few leaves and maybe a light EVOO dressing of sorts. The wrap was a good mix of flavours. The sweet potato was just right and the peppers added a nice kick of heat while the tzatziki brought it all together. I can’t say that I’d call it a kofta, but I can call it tasty and filling.

It did the job and it was enjoyable.

Overall, the place is nice, well-placed and should do a brisk lunch trade. If you are feeling healthy or veggie, pop over for lunch.

Blythe’s Verdict

I’d been meaning to visit the branch of Henderson’s near Holyrood for a wee while, so when MJ and I were keeping a watching brief on the recording of Echoes in the City we popped down the road to give it a look.


We were sitting-in and were slightly confused as to whether the set-up was table service or not. It turned out that it was but we ordered at the counter and had things delivered in due course as that was a quicker route to success.

MJ opted for the kofta wrap which was in the expected meatless territory with sweet potato the feature item. Continuing the sweet potato theme I ordered some sweet potato fries with aioli and added some spanakopita for good measure.

It’s worth mentioning but not dwelling upon the fact that the glassware was in bad shape. We went through a good few before finding glasses that weren’t poorly cleansed or scuffed to fuck.

Our food arrived very promptly looking pretty good. MJ’s wrap was pretty pokey on the chilli heat, in a good way.

The sweet potato fries were good and the aioli bright on vampire-warding garlic. The spinach pie was a decent example of a thing I eat pretty regularly. The accompanying tzatziki was good, too.

So overall, Henderson’s delivered things to much the expected standard. I was a little sad to see them fadishly describing parts of their menu as street food for no good reason, but there was otherwise much to like about what they’re doing in this very smartly appointed outpost of their vegetarian empire. I’d go back and would be pleased to see you there when I do.

Blythe scores Henderson’s
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s questers were: MJ, Blythe

We ate: kofta wrap, spanakopita, sweet potato fries with aioli

We drank: water

We were: sheepy sheep jumper, ox blood trousers

Total bill: £13

Address: 67 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AU

Written by BKR