April 29, 2017 Burger, Street food 1 Comment


On another visit to The Pitt, I was the first to arrive just after noon and was the recipient of ticket number one. This was just the start of the excitement.


After a very good espresso from Crumbs of Portobello, I had a little wander around to see where I might eat today. I ran into some lovely folks on the way. After a good chinwag I settled upon Bruadair as my preferred lunch location.

I’d visited the stall a couple of times before and recently ran into them at The Big Feed in Glasgow, but I hadn’t previously written up review. I was keen to correct that oversight.


Venison burgers are at the core of their offering so I ordered one of them. From their board of snacks I added their haggis bonbonbonbons for Ball Quest research purposes. The two items came to £7 in total.

The burger was topped with cheese, onion marmalade and pickled beetroot. It was deeply satisfying eating with really good flavour and succulence to the meat. I liked it a lot.


The haggis balls were similarly impressive with a light crisp crunch coating and good, peppery haggis as the filling. They were another winner.

So overall, Bruadair is a really good purveyor of top quality street food delights. They served me two very good dishes that really hit the spot. I look forward to eating from this very friendly stall again in the future and would recommend it to you.

Written by BKR