April 27, 2017 Delivery, Leith No Comments


A new flat! And it’s a beauty. I am now officially a dweller in the people’s republic of Leith and so far I am enjoying it very much.

Donner roll

And while I’m very familiar with the local restaurant and cafe options, a quick scan of the local takeaways revealed an untapped seam of varied whatnots.

My first foray into those thrills and spills was at Angelo’s, a pizza and chippy purveyor on Lochend Road.

From their broad selection I opted for an item that was new to me, a donner meat roll, along with a more familiar Hawaiian pizza. The bill for these came to a very reasonable £11.40.


Items were with me very quickly and once photos were taken I was tucking in with gusto.

The donner roll was a complete triumph. The massive morning roll was packed with a generous portion of meat, salad and sauce. It made for glorious eating. I hope to find this item on many more menus in the future.

The pizza was really good, too, with a pillowy base and ample toppings making for pleasing mouthfuls.

So overall, I was really impressed with Angelo’s. My first, but not last, donner roll will live long in the memory. I look forward to sampling many more in the future. I’d recommend Angelo’s as a very good takeout option. Here’s hoping that all the other places in Leith live up to its standard.

Written by BKR