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Daylight Robbery

Our Beer Man’s Verdict

Okay, there’s the name – like a giant “kick me” sign – but I visited Daylight Robbery with an open mind.

It was a place I had liked a lot in its previous incarnation, the disappointingly short-lived Spit/Fire. There, the focus had been on good food and good beer and two bars with distinct personalities.


On the face of it, Daylight Robbery is sticking to that template.

But where Spit/Fire was quietly classy and under-stated, Daylight Robbery now feels loud and tatty.

The rudimentary facelift seems a little unfinished and done on the cheap – a quick lick of paint and a few random things stuck on the walls.

In the interests of research, I have a drink in each of the bars.

Downstairs has retained the stone catacomb vibe – not a lot else you can do, really – but there’s now a big screen in one of the areas which is showing the rugby when I visit. The staff are stylish, distracted and distant.

The selection of draught beer doesn’t excite or surprise in the way Spit/Fire used to. It’s good to see Pilot represented, while Drygate is also on offer. The bottles and cans are okay, with Beavertown featuring strongly.

I have a pint of the Arbor Summit and it’s tasty stuff – a big, hefty citrus IPA. However, it’s served in the dreaded dimpled pint glass. In my view, theses glasses – uncomfortable to hold and bad for maintaining the condition of the beer – are the surest sign you’re in a place that doesn’t know about beer.

And that suspicion is confirmed when I see the dreaded Pabst Blue Ribbon – wonderfully featured in Blue Velvet, less wonderful to actually drink – on draught.

Upstairs is cold and lacking atmosphere. I have a bottle of the Hacker-Pschorr – a classic Weiss beer – served with a dimpled pint glass. When I ask for a different glass, I’m given another of the dimpled monstrosities.

So, Daylight Robbery just didn’t work for me. I was sorry to see Spit/Fire close – and its replacement only deepens that disappointment.

Address: 26B Dublin Street, Edinburgh EH3 6NN

Written by BKR