Café Praline

MJ’s Verdict

Today I met a very “under the weather” BKR at Praline Café at the bottom of Leith Walk. We’d been here together a few months ago just to have a coffee and catch up and today, it was much the same except they weren’t serving the hearty meals like pasta that they were the last time. But, that was fine, as it wasn’t what I was hankering for.


I had a look at the menu and the counter, and I’m quite fussy, so nothing cheesy or mayo-y appealed to me, so I was out of luck. Once we had decided what BKR was going to have, I ordered for us at the counter, asking the nice lady if they served any sandwiches without dairy. The short answer was no. The real answer was that they would make me one. I am not really bothered if it’s meat and veggies so I just asked for ham and whatever else veggie-like they wanted to pop on it on the poppy seed bagel – which looked impressive. BKR got the salmon and dill quiche and a bowl of creamy leek and potato soup.

The food was with us very quickly, and I got exactly what I ordered, ham on a bagel. I popped the balsamic vinegar glazed side salad on the top and that make it pretty tasty.


The bagel was good. Didn’t make me think New York Bagel though – but really only real New York bagels do. I’ve only found one substitute here in the UK, near Brick Lane down in Londonshire. The filling was fine, a couple of slices of pre-cut ham and the salad leaves were a nice accompaniment. BKR’s quiche was tasty and served tantalisingly warm while the soup looked good and came with a substantial amount of homemade bread – easily a meal in itself.

The americano I ordered alongside was good too.

Overall, I like the space, and it’s really convenient, the bread they sell by the loaf is tasty (I’ve bought some before), and they did something off menu for a picky person like me.

Soup and bread

Blythe’s Verdict

Yes, I was under the weather due to it raining beer in my face the previous night when I met MJ at Cafe Praline. But my spirits were immediately perked up by her amazing new boots.

Seriously, check them out over on Instagram as they are quite magnificent.

Anyhoo, the task at hand was to settle upon something that I could face eating. Soup seemed like a good plan and leek and potato sounded achievable. It proved pretty good with a light and creamy texture. The accompanying bread was a highlight.

Quiche and salad

The hot smoked salmon and dill quiche that I had to follow was served nicely warm and packed good flavour. The pastry was lightly flaky and well crafted. I liked it a lot.

Where things slightly fell down was on the hot drinks. My green tea was a Twinings tea bag and rather underwhelming. The coffee which I sampled on a previous visit was from the Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Co which doesn’t float my boat.

But in the grand scheme of things the tea and coffee are easy enough to fix so a little attention to that could have the place really singing.

So overall, I enjoyed the food at Cafe Praline. MJ’s bagel looked pretty good and my dishes were both satisfying so I’d be happy to visit again and recommend it to you. I hope to see some improvements to the hot drink selection when next I’m in.

Blythe scores Cafe Praline
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

Today’s questers were: MJ, Blythe

We ate: ham bagel, leek and potato soup, salmon and dill quiche

We drank: green tea, americano, water

We wore: amazing new boots, dreary action footwear

Total bill: c.£17

Address: 91 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8LX

Written by BKR