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Wildmanwood – SADLY NOW CLOSED

When I mentioned Wildmanwood in a recent review of Wildwood, I had a number of messages letting me know that their menu had rather changed since my original visit. Each of the messages said “it’s like Polpo, now.”


Having not had the pleasure of trying Polpo but understanding this meant Italian sharer plates, I was intrigued to see how this was working out.

I was joined by first time quester Craig who is my brother.

Squid salad

Craig stuck to pizza opting for one topped with ham, mushroom, olives and artichoke. I dotted around the menu of new options. In the spirit of Ball Quest I tried their arancini, then followed with the squid and chorizo salad and rabbit cacciatore.

The balls arrived first and they were hot balls. Read about them on Ball Quest.


The pizza arrived and was rather more uniform than on previous visits. It was still up there in the conversation with the best in the city, but it didn’t quicken the pulse as previous ones had.

My squid salad was very good with thin wafers of chorizo particularly satisfying. Likewise the rabbit was to a really good standard and richly saucy. Both were generous portions for sharers.


So overall, Wildmanwood is still doing quite impressive work. Perhaps it was always planned to expand their offering in this way, but I don’t really understand the jump to a menu that everyone is going to relate to that offered at Polpo, based on my quick Google of that brand, when they’d built a really strong identity around their previously excellent pizzas. Contini seem to be following this same trend with their revamped George Street place, because apparently “the way people eat has changed”. But as long as you can get past this modish nonsense you’ll still enjoy your visit to Wildmanwood as their food compares very favourably to many of the other Italian eateries in Edinburgh.

Today’s questers were: Craig, Blythe

We ate: ham, mushroom, olive and artichoke pizza; arancini; squid and chorizo salad; rabbit cacciatore

We drank: beers

We wore: pink, maroon

Total bill: £36.20

Address: 27-29 Marshall Street, Edinburgh EH8 9BJ

Written by BKR