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The Abbotsford

Blythe’s Verdict

Although I’ve sunk many a pint in The Abbotsford on Rose Street, I’d never previously tried the food. When MJ suggested a midweek lunch it seemed like a good fit for our needs.


Served both in the bar downstairs and their smart upstairs dining room, the menu focusses on pub grub staples. We found the menu still transitioning out from the festive season with turkey mentioned but no longer available.

We eventually settled on the beef and ale pie for me and the Thai veggie curry for MJ.


MJ will tell you about her dish in detail, but for the TL;DR brigade it was a flat out mistake of a dish and needs completely re-thought.

My choice was altogether on a surer footing. The pie was a top-crust presented in a pie dish. I removed the crust and poured the plentiful filling across the plate. It was accompanied by very good mash and fresh green beans.

The meaty chunks were profuse and tender, packing rich flavour. I enjoyed it a lot.

So MJ’s curry mishap aside, I liked the fare on offer at the Abbotsford. It’s a place that clearly merits judicious ordering but their hits are strongly appealing dishes. I’d be happy to visit again when something hearty and filling is needed.

MJ’s Verdict

When I popped into the Abbotsford on Rose Street to wait for BKR, little did I know he was hidden away in the restaurant upstairs, in the exact same spot, waiting for me too. Once we sorted that out, and I had a nice nosey at the quaint and traditional dining room, I did the most important act of the day: I gave BKR his Christmas present (mainly I’m trying to dress him like a cowboy).


Once that was sorted, I ordered the roast turkey, because I don’t often see it on a menu and I love turkey (and Turkey) – it reminds me of holidays at home. Sadly, though, they were out of the turkey and I opted for the veggie and sweet potato green curry.

When the dishes arrived, the dining room had already filled up with a mix of locals, business people, and tourists. It had a nice atmosphere.


The curry, sadly, was almost completely tasteless except for a bland coconut milk creaminess. The flavours of the curry itself were totally lost and though the curry was profuse with veggies, there were but three slices of sweet potato. The grilled flatbready thing that came with it was non-descript and a bit floppy after sitting on the plate and sweating on itself. I really didn’t eat much of the dish.

The thing is, I’d go back. The service was great, the place nice, and I think I just ordered poorly. So there we go. Lesson learned. Next time get the pie.

Blythe scores the Abbotsford
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

We ate: veggie Thai curry, beef and ale pie

We drank: water

We wore: cowboy outfit delivery outfit, cowboy outfit receiving outfit

Total bill: £21.90

Address: 3-5 Rose Street, New Town, Edinburgh EH2 2PR

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Written by BKR