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Pierogi Najlepsze w Miescie

I’m lucky enough to get some great recommendations, most which I take ages to act upon. But when it was explained that there was a new Polish dumplings delivery place called Pierogi Najlepsze w Miescie (nope – I have no clue how to pronounce it, either) I was intrigued enough to act on the tip straight away.


You can order by phone or via their Facebook page. I gave the latter a go as…well, I’ve never ordered takeout that way.

I had no idea what to order so just ordered everything: 12 piece sets of their Russian style, spinach and cheese, and haggis dumplings. This came to a total of £19, which was impressively good value for the amount of food that subsequently arrived.


They’d run low on the spinach and cheese ones but had made up the numbers with the other varieties. In addition to the five takeout containers of dumplings there were side tubs of sour cream and additional sweet onions.

I attacked the potato and cottage cheese Russian version first. These were deeply satisfying and hearty with the lightly steamed casings packed with profuse and well-seasoned filling. I liked them a lot.


The spinach and cheese were very good too in a similar fashion. I’d be happy to eat a full portion of them next time. The haggis ones were fried in the pot-sticker style. These were an enjoyable fusion of cultures.

I’d fairly massively over ordered which was not a huge surprise. I had about half of the beauties left for a filling lunch the next day.

So overall, Pierogi Najlepsze w Miescie is a great new addition to our local delivery options. It’s great to have more variety as we’re not blessed with the broadest field of takeaway choices. Drop them a message next time you’re looking for a hearty feast of tasty dumplings.

Written by BKR