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Pasha Pide House

On a lazy Saturday evening, I rifled through the local delivery options and eventually settled upon one which was new to me. Called Pasha Pide House, it seemed to offer some classic Turkish dishes like proper boaty-shaped Turkish pizza and lahmacun – the spiced lamb topped flatbread.

Told you it wasn’t bonnie

I opted for the lahmacun and was intrigued by the pasha burger and chips so order that, too. With delivery charge included this all came to £9.

The delivery man was knocking on my door a full 25 minutes earlier than expected, which was good news.


I unwrapped the various items. They did not look very bonnie although the chips caught my attention as they were chippy chips when I had resigned myself to poorer quality fries.

I started with the lahmacun which is a favourite. It’s usually served with lettuce, parsley and onions to wrap up in the middle, but it was still tinglingly tasty on its own.

The burger packed a similarly impressive flavour punch. With warming spice it was a really satisfying eat. The chippy chips were good, too.

So overall, I look forward to many more orders from Pasha Pide House as I’m keen to eat more lahmacun and also give their pizza a try. Add them to your list next time you’re looking for Turkish takeaway taste sensations.

Address: 346 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2QU

Written by BKR