February 24, 2017 City Centre, Grubcrawl 1 Comment

Grubcrawl feat. Hush Hour and Pub Quiz

What a fabulous night for a grubcrawl, as the old song goes. We took to the trail in extremely inclement conditions, but our pioneering spirits were undiminished.


The party this evening comprised returning crawlers Graham, Joanna and Tim along with first time questers Liz and Andrew.

Our first stop was at The Pakora Bar on Hanover Street. They’ve been trading here for around six months and have built an appreciative audience.

I’d visited previously and not been super impressed, but they’re clearly going about things the right way with good commitment to freshly made dishes and vibrant ingredients so I thought they’d be a good fit for need.

It seemed like a big sharing platter of pakora was the way to go so we ordered a mix of chicken, fish, mixed veg, haggis and cauliflower. Most of the party tried their freshly made mango lassi, too. It was warmly appreciated.

Aubergine at Ninja Kitchen

The fish pakora – made with barramundi – was the winning dish with the flaky white fish taking on the pakora spicing very well. I enjoyed the cauliflower version, too.

This was a hearty sharing starter with £34 a very reasonable pricetag.

Next it was on to the peerless Lucky Liquor Co for a spot of silent reading contemplation during Hush Hour.

This monthly event has been running for nearly three years. You should look in and say hi next time. It takes place on the second Tuesday of every month from 7-8pm.


We sampled some excellent drinks from Lucky’s new menu, with the Tonka Truck a particular highlight for me.

With appetites sharpened we then headed to Ninja Kitchen at Bourbon for Asian fusion delights.

I took charge of the ordering which ensured a haphazard approach. We sampled liberally for their bun, bowl, small plate and sides selection.

Highlights were the Korean cauliflower which is just fantastic and the deliciously hearty rice bowls. The aubergine was excellent, too. And they made a very good job of dealing with Tim’s cucumber aversion with specially made sauces and slaws.

We took part in the weekly pub quiz as we munched and soared to a glorious victory. This meant that we had a £30 bar tab for next visit. This made our overall bill of £62.39 including drinks an absolute snip.

To round things out we headed to fairground cocktail emporium Hoot the Redeemer for a selection of boozy ice cream from Senor Scoop.

Many flavours were sampled and the odd drink or two, too. It was a suitable cherry on the top of a highly enjoyable evening.

So overall, our latest grubcrawl continued the trend of highly enjoyable multi-venue evenings. The Pakora Bar, Ninja Kitchen and Hoot are all worthy of your attention so make sure to visit soon. We look forward to the next grubcrawl, wherever that may take us.

Written by BKR