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The Toon

A trip to Newcastle! What a smashing way to start the year and ease our way in to an abstemious and thoughtfully restrained 2017.


The first stop in culinary terms what at The Toon, a takeaway near the main site of nightclub chaos, Bigg Market.

Once I’d come to terms with the curious punching machine bedecked with glamorous blonde cartoon that you were invited to clatter – a bizarre idea – my attention was caught by talk of “parmesans”, which I correctly assumed referred to the Middlesbrough delicacy “the parmo”.

This punching machine confused me…

For the uninitiated, this is a chicken schnitzel topped with béchamel sauce and cheese. I opted for the addition of mushrooms to the topping. The whole thing was then served with chips and various salad whatnots. The completed dish looked not unlike a munchy box in its variety of things.

I munched as I walked the fifteen minutes or so back to my hotel.

Effectively the crisply breaded chicken acted as the pizza base. As such it was really delicious. The chicken could have been more moist but this was otherwise pretty good stuff.

The chips and salad were slightly more routine, so I suspect there are better parmos to be had in the world, but as an intro to their virtues I was suitably impressed.


So overall, I’m glad to add the parmo to my list of slightly bonkers regional dishes I’ve sampled. I’ll need to research where the better ones are available as it’s an idea I’m keen to explore further. Anyone in Edinburgh doing them or up for the challenge, I wonder?

I ate: mushroom parmo

I drank: obviously far too much earlier in the evening

I wore: a jacket, an overcoat, a tie and other contraband items

Written by BKR