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The Caley Picture House

Ah, Spoons. It seems like I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in various branches, of late. The Booking Office was the last one I wrote about and it was fine.


Since then they’ve opened the Caley Picture House on Lothian Road. Although the closure of the live music venue that previously occupied the premises has been rightly lamented, the new place seems to have been quite positively received with its stylish refit widely praised. I was keen to see it for myself so popped in for a Thursday night pint with my brother, Grant.

They’ve certainly done an impressive job of restoring the place to former grandeur. It’s really lovely and merits a good bit of gawkish staring to take in its full spectacle.

Curry and bites

The place is characteristically Spoonish with no music, good cheap beer and a menu of pub grub staples. Dishes are prepared in a large open kitchen, with ther regular menu augmented by their regular Thursday night curry club, today.

My brother opted for a couple of Indian dishes starting with the tandoori chicken bites then following with the chicken korma. The price of the latter included a pint. I stuck to their regular menu starting with haggis balls then choosing their veggie wellington for main.

Wellington and balls

Dishes arrived all in a oner which was fine with us. The haggis balls were verging on the hard rather than crisp, but were essentially pretty good. The tandoori bites were fair.

Grant enjoyed his korma which came with rice, naan and poppadom so was a substantial eat. The pastry of my wellington was almost impenetrably hard, but the filing was much better. The mash and mushy peas were routine, as was the gravy.

So overall, the fare at the Caley Picture House was much as you’d expect at any Spoons, but the place is well worth a visit for the excellent job they’ve done with the refit. It won’t be a regular stop for me, in all likelihood, but I’ll be pleased to pop in from time to time to show off the interior to people who haven’t visited before.

Blythe scores the Caley Picture House
3/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3/5 for service
giving an overall 13/20

Today’s questers were: Grant, Blythe

We ate: tandoori chicken bites, haggis balls, chicken korma, veggie wellington

We drank: various ales

We wore: unnecessary snow wear

Total bill: £21.66

Address: 31 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2DJ

Written by BKR