The Bottle Shop Bar & Kitchen

As a last hurrah before boarding the northbound train, the Beer Man suggested a trip to The Bottle Shop Bar & Kitchen. Located on the ground floor of a multi-storey carpark, it sounded like a pretty solid plan to me.


As you might expect from the name, their selection of bottle beer is mighty impressive. We actually stuck with the taps though, and in my case mainly the water tap as I’d had plenty of beer across the course of the weekend.

It being a Sunday, their food menu focussed on various roast options. My eye was immediately caught by mention of a Sunday roast sandwich served with roast potatoes and a little jug of gravy. £4.95 seemed a very reasonable price to pay for such a delicacy.

Roast sandwich

Beer Man had the full Sunday roast chicken which looked pretty good. My sandwich was a pretty smartly toasted ciabatta. Several of the roast potatoes were given a squidge then added to the sandwich which I topped with the gravy.

It proved good eating and despite my repeated attempts to dissolve the sandwich with progressively more gravy it retained its structural integrity throughout, which was impressive.

So overall, the Bottle Shop Bar & Kitchen looks to be doing very good work with both their food and drink offering. It was a suitable final stop on our Newcastle weekend. See y’all next time.

Written by BKR