January 14, 2017 Newcastle, pizza No Comments

The Big Pizza Company

After an afternoon of darts and drinking, the collective hunger had been partly quenched with a visit to a burrito place in Newcastle’s city centre. Inevitably I didn’t much rate the place so when our evening’s drinking hit the second night slump not long after this, I was in the mood for a hefty takeaway on my walk home.


I alighted upon the Big Pizza Company. It looked a little terrifying in its down-at-heel splendour but I imagine it does most of its business as delivery so there’s no need for it to look too bonnie.

Home of the biggest pizza in the north, apparently, they offer sizes up to 24″ inches. This made my 16″ order in the realms of modest. I opted for an old favourite with a pepperoni and mushroom (£12).


The friendly counter woman was quickly about freshly preparing the item. It was soon clear that the base was going to be thin, crisp and bubbly so expectations were raised. I was soon on my way. Given my hotel was just around the corner I didn’t start munching until I was back there.

Once I did commence I was very pleased with things. The base was indeed beautifully crisp and light and the toppings of good quality. It was a really good takeaway pizza option that served my needs extremely well.

So overall, I’d be happy to recommend the Big Pizza Company’s work to you. I reckon beyond the 16″ one I tried you’re into the realm of a sharing pizza but whatever size you choose I think you’re likely to be impressed. I’d order from them again next time I’m in these parts.

Written by BKR