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Staybridge Suites

I wrote recently about my fears that my love for the hotel buffet breakfast was perhaps on the wane, following a pretty iffy one at the Sheffield Jury’s Inn. However during my recent trip to Newcastle my faith was partly restored.


This was helped by my choice of hotel which was a step or two up from my usual choice. I got a pretty good deal on a place called the Staybridge Suites, which as the name suggests offers rather sweet suites.

Their buffet breakfast kept things fairly simple with the cooked element comprising bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns and beans. I sampled a heaped plate featuring everything but the beans.

The lightly soft and chive-mingled eggs were notably good and the sausages were excellent. I’d timed it poorly for grabbing the best of the bacon but it was still really good. I was impressed.

Breakfast close-up

It seems that some of the catering for the hotel is done by the local Crisis Skylight Cafe, a social enterprise supporting homeless people back into work, so that’s another feather in its cap.

So overall, the Staybridge Suites was a great place to stay and served me an excellent buffet breakfast. I’d be keen to stay here next time I’m down visiting the Geordie brethren. I’d recommend it to you.

Written by BKR