Review of the Year – December 2016

December is always a tricky month for reviewing, as many places offer a poor rendition of what they’re all about with their dreary Christmas menus. Therefore, most reviews were done in late November and the early part of the final month of the year.

Bagel from Baba Budan

Highlights included Alplings’ new permanent premises, return visits to Baba Budan and Jones & Son at Salt Horse, tasty Polish fare at The Percy, and good breakfasts at The Kilted Pig and Tea & Cake.

There were several low points with the Original German Sausage one of the angriest posts of the year. It was, of course, highly popular and the most read review of the month. Kasturi wasn’t much better than when I first visited, and Brian Maule was curiously underwhelming. Comet & Blitzen felt like a missed opportunity.

And that’s that for 2016. All that’s left to reflect upon is the most popular reviews of the year, listed below, then it’s time to move on with the glorious new year that is 2017.

Most popular reviews of 2016

1. The Table
2. The Walnut
3. Life Story
4. Wildmanwood
5. Eden’s Kitchen
6. Shrimpwreck
7. Rollo Broughton
8. Noir
9. Badger & Co
10. Ninja Kitchen

Written by BKR