I’d heard a rumour that one of the newer stalls at the Edinburgh Farmers Market was worth a look, so I made a point of visiting on a rather chilly Saturday.


The business in question was Osso, a sausage roll purveyor linked to the well-regarded cafe restaurant of the same name in Peebles. After saying hi to the folks at Fresh Revoluton, I toddled along to their stall.

I was immediately impressed by the sheer range. It was clear that picking just one would be impossible, so I settled upon two. I chose the beef reuben and the beef pho. They cost £3 each.


I started with the reuben which brought together many of the components from the classic sandwich minced together in the filling. It made for really good eating with the pastry of excellent quality.

The pho was, if anything, even better. The Vietnamese spice profile and soft noodle pieces in the mix worked just beautifully. I was highly impressed.

So overall, Osso is a market stall worth looking out for. Their sausage roll selection is backed up by a range of pies which I’ll need to try on make next visit. Give their sausage roll excellence a go at your earliest convenient opportunity.

Written by BKR