No.1 The Grange

I’d been made aware of a few changes at No.1 The Grange by the new kitchen team so had had it on the list for a visit for a little while. In that betwixt and between period after Christmas but before New Year I popped in for a visit.


From the same stable as the Jolly Botanist and King’s Wark, amongst other places, this is a bar I’ve strolled past many times on wanders across the city. It’s a smart corner property opposite the National Library of Scotland annex on Causewayside.

The interior is dark wood, maroon and green leather, with some marble detailing. This gives it a very trad feel. They’ve made a nice job of it.


The beer selection is routine. I sampled a fairly nondescript red ale. Things could use a bit of strengthening on this front.

Their menu looked to be seasonally driven and focussed on pub grub classics. My eye was caught by a fancy-sounding mushroom starter then I followed with the beef stew.

Stew and mash

The starter promptly arrived looking pretty good aside from a crown of microherbs that added nothing to the look and brought stringy bitterness to the finish of each mouthful. These ghastly items also featured on the main course to its detriment. They should be binned immediately.

That aside, this was accomplished stuff with careful consideration given to flavour and texture balance. The mix of wild and cultivated mushrooms packed excellent flavour and the savoury granola offered lovely crunch. The camembert topping brought melty unity. It was a very good dish.

With amaranth microherb horror removed, the stew was hearty stuff. The accompanying truffle mash was quite floury and light which was nicely judged to offset the rich stew. It was a dish I liked a lot.

So overall, No.1 The Grange is doing very good work. It served me two very pleasing dishes in welcoming surroundings. If you’re looking for smart pub grub, this is a place worth checking out. I’ll be back to try more dishes from their tempting menu.

Blythe scores No.1 The Grange
4/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: mushrooms on toast; beef stew

I drank: ale

I wore: mainly blue

Total bill: £19.35

Address: 1 Grange Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1UH

Written by BKR