January 16, 2017 Korean, Stockbridge 1 Comment

Kim’s Bulgogi

After largely being confined to Buccleuch Street previously, we have had a fresh little outcropping of Korean restaurants of late. Joining well establised Ong Gie in Tollcross is another Korean barbecue place called…Korean BBQ.


In Stockbridge we have Kim’s Bulgogi, which as far as I can discern is not related to Kim’s Mini Meals, our finest Korean place. I popped in on a quiet Monday to check it out.

With a focus on takeaway there are just a few tables for sitting in, but everything comes on plastic trays and paper plates, either way.


In a rather lovely touch, the friendly counter folks asked if it was my first visit then upon me confirming that it was they gave me a little taste of each of their six meats. One was supposed to be super spicy, which it wasn’t, but they were all pretty good.

I opted for the spicy pork bulgogi bibimbap and added a side of veggie dumplings. The dumplings were light and crisp.

It was a little odd having bibimbap in a plastic bowl rather than a blazing hot stone but the principle of vigorous mixing still applied.


The meat was really good and once mixed through the rice, soft yolked egg and crunchy veg made for light and fresh eating that was nicely balanced. It didn’t quite hit the spicy heights of other bibimbaps I’ve tried, but it was solidly good.

So overall, I was pleased with Kim’s Bulgogi. For a fast and tasty bite on the go, it’s a good new option for Stockbridge diners. I’ll be back when I hope to find the fiery chicken thing as spicy as the counter chap was convinced it was. I hope to see you there.

Blythe scores the Eastern Pavilion
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

I ate: veggie dumplings; spicy pork bibimbap

I wore: blue and green tie from www.tieclub.co.uk

Total bill: £8.90

Address: 11 St Stephen’s Steeet, Edinburgh, EH3 5AN

Written by BKR