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Free Trade Inn

I had heard tales of the Free Trade Inn, the legendary Craig David, and the excellent beer, so it was entirely joyous to find myself there as the first item of business on a weekend away to Newcastle.

Craig David

I was joined on the enterprise by Our Beer Man, Bob, Chris and John. Murray also joined for an afternoon of beer, darts and karaoke the following day.

The Beer Man has written about the Free Trade Inn in glowing terms previously and resident Edinburgh beer expert Joe Dick has extolled it as the finest pub in the land. Despite this hefty build up, I was not disappointed on what was my first visit.


Aside from the sensational beer selection, about which Beer Man has much finer words to share, I arrived to find John and Chris tucking in to pies, from The Amble Butcher. Chris enjoyed his so much he opted for a second so it seemed churlish not to join him.

Served with a little piquant relish, we both chose the steak pie. This was packed with delicious meaty chunks encased in well-crafted pastry. It was right up there with the similar style of pie you get at The Bow Bar, if you time it right.

So overall, the Free Trade Inn lived up to billing and then some. It’s as spot-on a place as you’re likely to find. No trip to Newcastle in the future will be complete without a pint or two in its cosy confines.

Written by BKR