January 14, 2017 Breakfast, Newcastle No Comments

Café M

With hotel buffet breakfast narrowly missed, I was in need of something light and porky to satisfy the initial morning food needs. Coffee seemed like a fair idea, too.


Proximity rather than quality was the driver, so I stumbled along the road and soon hit upon Cafe M. It looked likely to do the job with minimal fuss.

The welcome from the lovely counter ladies was typically warm. The bacon roll I ordered was no problem; they hadn’t had someone requesting espresso in a while, though, so that prompted a little flurry of activity, not least because they had no idea what to charge me. We settled upon £2.50 for the pair of items.

Bacon roll

The coffee was forgettable, but that was not such a surprise. The bacon roll comprised a fairly ordinary bap that was generously loaded with rashers of back bacon then topped with a neat lattice of broon sauce.

With adieus having been bid, munching commenced on the hoof. It was precisely what was required and for that I was very thankful.

So overall, Cafe M was a breakfast of need that served me just the amount of bacon I was looking for. If you are passing, please give the friendly folks a wee wave from me. Their breakfast fare is well priced and satisfying so that’s always good to back up a warm welcome.

Written by BKR