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The Wok Man at Glasgow Christmas Market

After tearing into the deplorably bad Edinburgh Christmas markets, it really never occured to me to visit the Glasgow equivalent, but I was at a loose end, needed fed and found myself walking around the George Square stalls.



News flash: the Glasgow version is so much better they can’t even be judged by the same scale.

Whilst Edinburgh continues its dreary sausage parade, Glasgow offers a tapas stall, the Mac Shack, arepas, good burgers on a butcher’s stall, and various other diverse options including my choice today, the Wok Man.



I’m not saying the selection rivals The Pitt or even nearby Taste Buchanan, but it’s very much pointed in the right direction in terms of its breadth of choice.

Chinese is generally quite poorly done in Edinburgh. I don’t know if that the same in Glasgow, but I’ve found at least a couple of good ones over here in Friends Cafe and Noodle.

From a series of hot dishes cooked in large pans along the stall counter, I chose a fusion dish of spicy kebab meat with noodles. The portion for £5.50 was on the smallish side but was reasonable in the context of this type of market.

It proved very good eating. It was simple but packed with flavour and profuse on the meat content. It did the job more than admirably.

So overall, wise up Edinburgh: your Xmas efforts are piss poor in comparison to this well-considered and varied selection available just forty miles along the road. I hope the standard set by Glasgow informs next year’s decisions in my home town, although I’m not holding my breath.

4 stars 2

Written by BKR