The Luckiest Word in Braemble Liquers

I’ve written a bit about how much I enjoy cocktails, with the bars of Jason Scott and Mike Aikman – Bramble, the Last Word Saloon, and Lucky Liquor – featuring prominently in my appreciation.

Mike Aikman at the Seawolf Launch

Over the past couple of months they’ve entered a brave new phase for the business with the launch of three new commercially marketed products.

First to arrive was Cross Brew, a coffee liquer developed in partnership with scent guru and one time Lucky Liquorer Ericka Duffy and designer Dan Bartley, who occasionally features on this site as a disgruntled lamenter of the demise of Potatoland.

This is a liquer shown to excellent advantage in a drink on the current (quarter 14) menu at Lucky Liquor called the Coffee Cask. From the mixosophy imagination of Kaiko Tulloch, it makes excellent use of the Cross Brew’s chocolate and citrus notes to create a drink of great balance.

Coffee cask

The middle child is Scotland’s first premium white rum, Seawolf. I was fortunate enough to be along at the launch event held in Bramble at the start of December.

With expert commentary from collaborators Gavin Ferguson – of Vino and Hanging Bat fame – and the ever engaging Mr Aikman, we were taken through how the product came into being. We then got to taste it both in native state and in a punchy daiquiri.

White rum is not towards the top of the list of things you might usually drink neat, but Seawolf has the character to make it worthy of this type of consideration. But it’s at the heart of bartender favourite the daiquiri that you’ll likely see it to best advantage.

It’s an impressive counterpoint to the current gin fixation and shows there’s really isn’t that much that Scotland can’t do where there’s a will.

The final piece of the puzzle is a much anticipated bramble gin liquer called…Braemble. Again, this is another collaborative project drawing in expertise from across the Bramble family. It is a thing of locally-picked beauty and I can’t wait to try it, hopefully in the next few days.

Massive congratulations to all involved in the development of these excellent new products. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your must-drink drinks for the first part of 2017 and all the days thereafter.

Written by BKR