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Review of the Year – May 2016

May seems to have had a number of missteps, starting with Our Beer Man’s trip to Montpeliers which he loathed. I had a rubbish time at the George IV Bar which was a massive downgrade on Sligh House, although I hear it has bedded in a bit and is doing better now. Rancho was a pretty disappointing steakhouse and Bella Italia was dreary. Sombrero was weak but at least offered some late night variety to compete with chip shops and kebab houses.


But nothing came close to the horror of the Duke Café where their scrambled eggs with ham and cheese eclipsed any and all other bad dishes we’ve ever been served. I’m staggered the place is still open.

In better news, Paesano was really good for Glasgow pizza, the George Hotel in Inverary was very good, and Linton & Co was a good market coffee van.

I finally reviewed Gamma Transport Division’s coffee after many visits down the years, and enjoyed Baba Budan. Indaba Deli was another pleasing stop.

Most popular review of the month was the Beer Man’s visit to Salt Horse which was five-star excellent.

And we won an award this month, which was rather nice.

Written by BKR