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Review of the Year – February 2016

Aside from the downgrade on Positano that Isola represented and a pretty underwhelming visit to the Adam Smith Theatre in Dunfermline, February was a great month.

Roddie Sloan was an inspirational captain of the first of frequent visits to the Edinburgh Food Studio. His Arctic Feast will go down as one of the most memorable meals of all quests.

Golden Wonder at The Table

I really liked what I had at the Tron Bar, the Place Hotel, Mademoiselle Macaron, Leo & Ted’s, and Jeelie Piece.

Shrimpwreck was an excellent new addition to our street food purveyors. And Strumpets established itself from the start as a firm favourite.

The Table. The Table. The Table. Hopefully if I say it three times I will magically appear back there with Sean and Keith making me delicious food. It was the best meal of all quests and only our second ever 20/20 score awarded.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous, this month also saw the dawning of Munchy Box Quest! It was the most popular post of the month.

Written by BKR