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Highland Fried Chicken

In an attempt to motivate myself to leave the pub on a recent Friday night, I took to the pages of the Hungryhouse app to order something to arrive at my abode just about the same time as I would if I finished my drink and immediately left.



After a degree of faffing, I eventually alighted upon Highland Fried Chicken which offered a menu packing in a dazzling breadth of options.

From that wide selection, I liberally sampled, choosing a Hawaiian pizza, spring rolls, mozzarella sticks and two pieces of fried chicken. This came to the very reasonable price of £15.45.

Pizza and friends

Pizza and friends

The food arrived just shortly after I did, so I took a seat and unpacked my items.

The pizza looked pretty standard so I moved on to the other bits and pieces. The spring rolls had good crisp casings but the filling wasn’t too spectacular. The mozzarella sticks were decent.

The chicken had good crispness to the crumb and was pretty tasty. The pizza was probably the best item with good cheesy topping and profuse ham and pineapple.

It was a fair mountain of food, so I ate about half of it there and then, then breakfasted on the remainder the next morning.

So overall, Highland Fried Chicken did a fair job. It offered an unusually broad menu which is likely to appeal to mildly inebriated Friday night takeaway orderers. I can see myself ordering from them again when I’m feeling particular indecisive, which is most of the time.

3 stars 2

Address: 257 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 1TX

Written by BKR