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XXL Pizza

After a long day of administrative endeavours that I hope never to repeat, I was in need of some quick and filling food of which I played no part in the preparation.20161026_205739

Pizza seemed a good option so the internet soon recommended XXL Pizza, a takeaway shop near Goldenacre.

After some deliberation, I ordered a 16″ Hawaiian (£11.80 including delivery cost) as that’s my current preferred topping combo. I was joined by guest quester Grant so 16″ was not an extravagant amount for two hungry mouths.

The pizza arrived a little ahead of time looking much as expected, if a little bedraggled.

The topping was suitably cheesy and the ham and pineapple was in generous supply. However, the base was rather too reminiscent of cardboard. It made for rather tough eating.

So overall, XXL Pizza was a little disappointing. They need to improve their dough to make their offering a more attractive prospect. For now, I’ll chose other places for my delivery pizza fix.

2 stars 2

Address: 62 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5PX

Written by BKR