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Pizza Meets Burger – SADLY NOW CLOSED

I had heard rumours of a new, potentially interesting idea to bring pizzas and burgers together in an unholy alliance at a place called Pizza Meets Burger. On Slateford Road, it was slightly off my usual route but I made a special trip to check it out on a pretty miserable Thursday.

Exterior sign

Exterior sign

Upon arrival I was shown to a window table and left to contemplate the menu. I took in my surroundings which comprised a large counter and open kitchen, then a sit-in dining space heavy on wood cladding. It felt a bit odd and somehow slightly half-finished.

The menu offered a range of pizza and burger options as well as something called pizza meets burger which I assumed was this unholy item. Upon consultation with the friendly and very efficient waitress she suggested that what I was actually after was the pizza burger. I was confused but opted to agree with her.

Pizza burger

Pizza burger

The item arrived in double quick time and looked entirely disappointing with none of the expected wow factor. It was simply a burger wraped in a sort of pepperoni pizza bun. It was quite small and just looked…meh. The rather odd little salad, topped with pesto, and a curious blotch of BBQ sauce did nothing to add to the aesthetic.

The burger was pretty decent but the pizza was quite ordinary and the two elements didn’t come together well as a coherent dish. It felt in the realms of a failed experiment.

So overall, Pizza Meets Burger was pretty underwhelming and seriously lacked pizzazz. Their 20″ pizzas looked quite impressive so maybe I’ll come back and try one of them at some stage, but for now the place is an interesting curio but not much beyond that.

Blythe scores Pizza Meets Burger
2.5/5 for food
2/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 11.5/20

I ate: pizza burger

I drank: green tea

I wore: grey suit jacket

Total bill: £11.49

Address: 42 Slateford Rd, Edinburgh EH11 1PR

Written by BKR