November 29, 2016 Breakfast, Sheffield 1 Comment

Jury’s Inn Sheffield

In times gone by, my two great pleasures in staying in hotels were massive buffet breakfasts and lounging in the bath. Now that I have a much more confrontational relationship with my arterial wellbeing, coupled with the fact that fewer hotels have baths in their standard rooms, neither really holds the same appeal.



More often than not, even when breakfast is thrown in, I’ll wander on my questing ways in search of breakfast gold, but during my recent trip to Sheffield – I was there for 20 hours and contrived to write five reviews which will post this week – I thought I’d give the hotel selection a go at the city centre Jury’s Inn.

Hotel breakfast bars usually offer all manner of things and this place was no exception. It was good to see porridge on offer although it looked rather dense and unappealing. But I usually opt for fried goods on these occasions and this was no exception.

I piled a medium-sized plate with the usual suspects: bacon, fried egg, scrambled egg, sausages (2), beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown and a bonus local variation of fried bread. Apple juice was required for wakey-uppy purposes.

Let’s start with the good: the bacon, fried egg and beans were good. The mediocre: the sausages, the hash brown, the tomatoes and the scrambled egg. The bad: the mushrooms. They were like grey mini-slabs of sorrow and despondency.

So overall, the Jury’s Inn breakfast did not make a strong case for me shifting my current habit of eschewing hotel buffet breakfasts. It didn’t hit heights beyond good and in its fungal depths real misery lurked. A brisk constitutional and something from a local independent cafe would have been much more likely to please.

2 stars 2

Written by BKR