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Jan de Vries

I’d noticed talk of vegan pies and snacks on signs outside local healthcare, dietary supplement and beauty shop Jan de Vries just recently. I was intrigued so after a couple of near misses I managed to time my visit to sample what they had on offer.

Exterior sign

Exterior sign

After a little nosey around their ingredient section, I alighted upon a chiller cabinet stuffed with snacks of the pastry variety.

From this broad selection I opted to give the chickpea and onion pie (£1.20) from Jordan Valley a try.

The friendly counter woman outlined how the snack food had been added in response to customer feedback and they were keen for further thoughts. I didn’t have any at the precise moment, so once further pleasantries were exchanged I simply wandered on with pie in hand.



The pie casing was slightly crumbly but retained a decent crunch. The filling was a generous mix of rice, chickpeas and onions in warming spices. It was nicely seasoned and pretty good.

So overall, for the busy vegan lifestylist on the go, Jan de Vries is quite a handy place to know about as it has a good stock of ingredients for home cooking and some decent light snackage. I’d be happy to pop in again and might give their vegan haggis a go next time.

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Written by BKR