November 1, 2016 Mexican, West End 2 Comments

Bar Burrito

Bar Burrito has transitioned from the Pinto brand to an expansion of their presence in Edinburgh over the past wee while. I popped into their Shandwick Place branch to try their wares.



As regular readers will know, I’m indifferent to burritos and hadn’t much enjoyed my visit to this shop when it was Pinto. But on a day when I hadn’t had an opportunity to eat breakfast and the time was past 11 a burrito sounded like a potentially good fit.

I opted for their regular pulled pork one, which was assembled then neatly wrapped by the efficient counter man.

With rice, mild beans, medium salsa, cheese and sour cream packed into the wrap I was soon on my way munching as I walked.



It proved totally underwhelming and as beige and lacklustre as you could possibly imagine. It was messy, bland and stunningly dull.

So overall, Bar Burrito failed to impress. I was potentially on an upward curve in burrito my appreciation following a decent recent visit to Bonnie Burrito, but this set me right back to square one. If you visit I hope you have much better luck than I did.

I ate: pulled pork burrito

I wore: red trousers

Total bill: £6.30

Address: 6 Shandwick Place, West End, Edinburgh EH2 4RN

Written by BKR