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Aslan’s Kebabs

Arriving in Sheffield around 11pm meant that my dining options were likely to revolve around an exploration of the late night takeaways. You can imagine how crestfallen I was.



After a wee bit of wandering to check whether there were any bars that looked worth a visit, I alighted upon Aslan’s Kebabs which looked like exactly the kind of place I was after.

It was a little rough around the edges but the menu looked pretty good. I opted for a traditional Hawaiian pizza (£7.50) in the 12″ variety. It was cooked to order by the affable counter people.



I could have chosen to sit-in at one of their caff tables, but decided to walk as I munched, instead.

The pizza was in a style you don’t see much these days in Edinburgh with quite a thick crust and deep pan-style topping with a profusion of cheese. This made for very hearty cheesy eating which was nicely offset by a crisp and light base. It was a satisfying eat.

So overall, I was glad to visit Aslan’s as it served me very good pizza in my hour of need. I’d wager there are better places in the city – I don’t know Sheffield at all well – but it hit the spot for me, so if you find yourself in these parts do pop in when you’re passing.

4 stars 2

Written by BKR