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Allan’s Bakery

I’m not a regular visitor to the Restalrig neighbourhood so when I found myself there I had to give one of their eating options a try. I quickly alighted upon Allan’s Bakery on Restalrig Road which looked a likely spot.



Covering the expected sweet and savoury baked good bases, the place was a simple counter set up with a woman efficiently handling customers.

My eye was caught by the steak and haggis pie (£1.40) so I ordered that. They had a warm one in the pie heater so that sounded like a good plan to me.



I munched as I ate, at all times wary of dripping gravy down my new stripy shirt. It lived to fight another day, thankfully.

The pie proved of really good quality with the particularly good steak served in a rich gravy. The haggis provided all the required peppery notes without dominating proceedings. It was a really enjoyable eat.

So overall, I was very glad to have discovered Allan’s Bakery. It’s a fine pie purveyor and one you should check out. I’ll make a point of returning to give another item from their delicious savoury selection a go.

4 stars 2

Address: 161 Restalrig Rd, Edinburgh EH7 6HW

Written by BKR