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    A Monday morning journey to Lanarkshire on the 7.46am train is scarcely my idea of a fun way to start the week. Alas, these were the cards I was dealt so upon arrival in Uddingston I had little choice but to sample the local delicacies in hopes of finding culinary solace.

    Luckily the local delicacies in these parts revolve around the Tunnock’s factory that produces the famous teacakes alongside 4 million equally famous caramel wafers each week.

    Bacon roll

    Bacon roll

    The original family baker shop is just round the corner from the main factory so I popped in to give their wares a try.

    There’s a bakery counter at the front and a little greasy-spoon-style tea room at the back. I headed for the latter.

    With the inevitable pile of sweet treats near at hand, I perused their menu and was tickled by the precision of the prices. I settled upon a bacon roll (£1.84) with a mug of tea (£1.13).



    These were immediately with me as the bacon was in a chafing dish and the tea was presented as hot water with a tea bag on the side. I rather liked the mug in signature teacake wrapper design.

    On a fresh morning roll, the bacon was profuse and well-crisped so proved very satisfying. The tea was routine but the mug did the job of making it just a wee bit special.

    So overall, I enjoyed my visit to Thomas Tunnock’s bakery shop. It had plenty of traditional, old-world charm and tasty bacon to back that up. I’d be happy to visit again, hopefully at an hour more condusive to sampling a caramel wafer or two.

    Blythe scores Tunnock’s
    3.5/5 for food
    3.5/5 for presentation
    3.5/5 for setting
    3.5/5 for service
    giving an overall 14/20

    I ate: bacon roll

    I drank: tea

    I wore: mismatched grey

    Total bill: £2.97

    Address: 43 Main Street, Uddingston, G71 7EP

Written by BKR