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Cocktails in Edinburgh

Until now I’ve shied away from writing about Marks & Spencer because it’s one of those brands that seems to have almost holy status in the UK. I’ve never been much of a fan, though.

Packets of stuff

Packets of stuff

At times they have been the least worst option for train journey snacks and it was in this context that I visited their Waverley station branch, today.

In the past I’ve grabbed a sandwich and a samosa and been routinely underwhelmed. On this visit I chose a selection from their 3 for £7 deal, which is essentially picnic party food of various types.

I chose the pulled pork rolls, the falafel and the chicken and chorizo empanadas.



Once aboard the westward-bound train, I began tucking in.

The pork things were the best of the three with sweet and smoky pulled pork accurately described. The roll casing were firmly thick so rather less appealing.

The falafel were dull. The empanadas had papery pastry and rather bland filling with only a whisper of chorizo.

So overall, M&S was pretty much as mediocre as expected. I fail to see the continuing appeal but the food offering remains solidly popular. Even from the poor selection on offer at Waverley there are better options for your train snacking needs.

2 stars 2

Written by BKR