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Foxhole BBQ House

I’ve been trying to get down to Leith Market a little more often of late and managed to complete the task with flying colours on a rather windy Saturday.



Having said a cheery hello to the likes of the Bearded Barista, Martin from Alplings and various other stallholders, I made my way towards an intriguing looking black food truck with a fox on the side.

The home of Foxhole BBQ House, it was the first time I’d spotted them trading. Their menu focussed on burgers built to order with beef or pulled pork at their heart, ribs and wings.

I opted for the beef burger with bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce and salad (£6.25). This was cooked to order while I waited at a nearby table.

Once it was ready I approached to collect it. It was a toppling tower that looked completely impractical as a street food item and so it proved.



Held together with a wooden skewer, it featured a monstrously thick burger, profuse bacon already spilling out and various bits of salad drooping around the edges.

I sat to eat it – on the move consumption would have been impossible – and started to run into further problems. The bun was too crisply toasted so began disintegrating on first bite. By the end I was left with debris everywhere.

In terms of taste, the burger was of the lean mincey mound variety that’s so adored by fans of the Cambridge Bar. I thought it dry and lacking flavour. Although the bacon was plentiful it had rather a leathery texture. The BBQ sauce was OK, as were the pickles and salad, but this wasn’t an experience that I’ll remember as pleasurable.

So overall, the burger from Foxhole BBQ House was error-strewn. It needs a complete rethink to fit more readily to the paradigm of being easily consumable on the go. Perhaps their ribs and wings are where their strength lies, so if I run into them again I’ll give those a go.

2 stars 2

Written by BKR