Carington Mouse’s Larder – SADLY NOW CLOSED

When I heard somewhere called Carington Mouse’s Larder was opening I was intrigued. When I investigated further it was lovely to find that it was the first business from a couple of familiar faces, Carey and Daryll, who had been on the staff at Hemma when we first started Scran Salon.



Before I’d had a proper chance to visit, Daryll came along and told us all about it at the May Scran event, then local photography ace Chris Scott and I helped them out with some menu trialling for their deli sharer board, before these were launched during the Festival.

But I still hadn’t properly visited to review so I set that straight on a dreich lunchtime the other day.

The place is part cafe, part deli with an excellent range of store-cupboard items and things you might like to nibble on when on the go.

They’ve made a good job of converting a former amusement arcade into a smart and welcoming cafe premises. It’s long and narrow with ample shelf room for all the excellent local produce that they’re showcasing.

I was on the move today so was just after a quick sandwich. From their toastie selection I opted for one with mature cheddar, hummus and sundried tomatoes. Daryll suggested that donker – a Dutch rye flour bread that I’d previously come across – would be a good bread option.



The item was quickly assembled then finished with a little rosemary oil prior to toasting.

It proved a deeply satisfying eat with the bread outstanding and the filling really pleasing. I enjoyed it muchly.

So overall, I was glad to finally review Carington Mouse’s Larder. It’s a place that’s doing good work and I’d commend it to you. I look forward to visiting again when I have more time to linger and explore their menu further.

Blythe scores the Mouse Larder
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 16/20

I ate: mature cheddar, hummus and sundried tomato toastie on donker bread

I wore: pink shirt

Total bill: £2.60

Address: 21 Clerk Street. Edinburgh EH8 9JH

Written by BKR