September 4, 2016 Glasgow, Healthy Eating 1 Comment

Prep Fitness Kitchen

I’m about to say mean things about a place that’s a perfectly decent idea serving an impressive array of healthy options. But sadly Prep Fitness Kitchen is such a mirthless soul-crushing bore that it can’t escape my wrath simply by having commendable principles.



As some of you will know, my standard practice when feeling under the weather, whether that be when suffering from a bit of a cold or when hungover, is to head to Hula for green juice. I offer this as context simply to show there’s no real reason for me to have loathed Prep quite as much as I did, as on the face of it it was offering me a Glaswegian solution to my slight feelings of health despondency.

The place has a smart, contemporary feel to it, somewhat echoing a gym design. Ordering is at the counter where the friendly woman informed me that my protein shake of choice, the Avocardio (£3.95), wasn’t available as they no longer used egg white. However, a slight reworking could be done with the avocado and almond milk augmented with Greek yoghurt. This sounded fine to me.



The item was freshly blended then scooped into a cup. The texture looked very heavy and gloopy. With photos taken at their outside seating, I embarked on my first sip.

It tasted not unlike a sort of lingering sour version of a Mr Whippy ice cream. Although made of natural ingredients it somehow evoked a most synthetic experience.

But fundamentally, it was joyless, bland and just so fucking unimaginative. It further evoked memories of my recent run-in with soylent and its variants, which had been revoltingly enlightening. The future of food this is not, and a helpful step in building a healthy food culture in Scotland…not even close.

So overall, Prep Fitness Kitchen is a good idea and I’m sure we’ll see something similar open in Edinburgh if it hasn’t already. But protein shakes made to this very poor standard are never going to convince me to take the place seriously. By all means give the place a try, but give the shakes the swerve.

Written by BKR