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October 2016 Update

I did indeed return for another couple of visits once Pizza Tree reopened following a post-Festival break. By this time they had a very smart chef chap running the counter. He’d quickly resolved the issues outlined below and instituted really fantastic daily specials.

Half and half

Half and half

On one stop I had excellent speck and gorgonzola; on another, a full pizza with half and half white and tomato base topped with superb prosciutto and parmegiano. It was deeply satisfying.

The star rating goes up to four stars and I suspect the fifth is not far away.

4 stars 2

September 2016 review

I was sad to see the demise of Souped Up, the police box soupery‎ on St Patrick’s Square, but intrigued by its successor, Pizza Tree. On an uncharacteristically scorchio day I stopped by to give it a go.



Offering “street pizza” (a smallish oblong, roughly akin to a slice, for £2.90 – £3.40) and “pizza pala”‎ (a bigger thing in the pizza Romana style for £6.90), I opted for the former.

Toppings were kept simple, with margarita, a veggie one, a pepperoni, and a daily changing special. Today’s special was bacon and mozzarella which sounded good to me.



‎This was cooked freshly to order by the friendly counter man. It was topped with oregano once ready, then I was on my way.

The highlight was the base which was light and crisp but with just enough substance to make it a satisfyingly hearty lunchtime eat. The toppings needed a little more finesse and the bacon really should have been a bit crisper. ‎But with fairly minor tweaks this could be a really handy little place to know.

So overall, I enjoyed my visit to Pizza Tree and will be back to try their larger offering in due course. Hopefully on that visit they’ll have improved their toppings a notch which shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Stop by next time you’re passing.

3 stars 2

Written by BKR