Sunday wanderings took me to Bruntsfield, a few days back, but I wasn’t quite sure where to lunch. After a major bout of indecision, I eventually alighted upon Five Degrees, a new cafe just round the corner from Katie’s Diner. I popped in to give it a look.



Promising “Edinburgh’s first and only dog menu” I was intrigued. There was indeed a friendly pooch taking advantage of this strong commitment to tending to canine needs.

For me there was Darwin blend coffee from Matthew Algie, which was typically mediocre.



Their food offering was a good notch or two better, though. I tried both a mushroom quiche and a chicken and hummus panino.

The friendly counter women brought the quiche first while the sandwich was toasted to order. It was presented and nicely seasoned although the pastry could have been a little crisper.



The panino was a similarly good effort with a nice balance of flavours. ‎I liked it.

The highlight for now is the look and feel of the place, though. It has a stylish and contemporary design without drifting into the land of hipsterdom. With the Meadows and Links nearby, they have a good market of dog-walkers to capitalise upon.

So overall, Five Degrees seems to be starting life from a pleasing position. I like what they’re doing and with just a few tweaks this could be a really successful little operation. Give them a visit, with or with‎out your faithful hound, next time you’re in these parts.

Blythe scores Five Degrees
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

I ate: mushroom quiche; chicken, hummus, pepper and spinach panino

I drank: espresso, water

I wore: stripes

Total bill: £8.35

Address: 39 Barclay Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4HW

Written by BKR