Foundry‎ 39

‎Foundry 39 opened recently where Chimichanga failed to capture the West End’s imagination, following on from old staple Bar Roma. On a sunny lunchtime I popped in to give their lunchtime service a look.



As before, it’s a big barn of a place and was rather sparsely populated on this occasion. That wasn’t surprising as it looks to be set up as more of an evening venue.

On the food front the emphasis is on burgers and pizza. This is backed up with an American-heavy – Sam Adams, Anchor, Sierra Nevada – bottled beer selection, local draught beer – Barney’s, Campervan, Innis & Gunn, and a cocktail list with an emphasis on smoked cocktails.



The interior is cages, filament, corrugated iron, pipes and zero imagination. Service was a strength throughout with the waitress both attentive and knowledgeable.

I opted for their cheeseburger and added some house fries. I decided to give the grapefruit Tommy’s margarita a go. It was a decent rendering of a delicious drink.

Wrapped burger and fries

Wrapped burger and fries

‎The burger and fries arrived very promptly with the burger modishly wrapped. The skinny fries were quite well seasoned but rather variable in their cooking with some firm, some soft and some lightly crisp. They tasted pretty good, though.

The cheeseburger came on a sesame bun with a large tomato slice, mustard mayo and bacon ketchup. The first bite tasted of mayo and little else. Subsequent bites were dominated by the soggy salad rendering it very bland. I rescued some of the burger from its watery grave. The beef was completely unseasoned.

So overall, there’s room for improvement at Foundry 39. To make such a large venue successful in this neighbourhood it needs to build a reputation as a go-to place for the post-work crowd, pinching customers from the likes of Indigo Yard and Sygn. I reckon it’s with their solid-looking ‎drinks list that they have a chance to do this. For now their food offering isn’t quite there, but it’s early days so maybe with some tweaks it could ‎grow into a useful all-rounder.

Blythe scores Foundry‎ 39
3/5 for food
‎3/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 13/20

I ate: cheeseburger, fries

I drank: grapefruit Tommy’s

I wore: pink shirt

Total bill: £17.95

Address: 39a Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4RA

Written by BKR