Art & Vintage

Recently arrived just across the road from Century General Store in Abbeyhill, Art & Vintage is a smart gift shop café. It’s rather handily placed in relation to my office, so I popped along to give it a go.



The space is really light and airy, with lovely detailing to all aspects of what they’re doing. I was super impressed with it.

Their daily changing menu is focussed and to the point: a soup; a hot dish; a salad; a veggie option; a couple of sandwiches; and some cakes. It all looked good to me.

I opted to give their hot dish of the day a go. Today it was Vietnamese bo kho, a hearty beef stew. I’m not a fan of the coffee they’re using – by the Edinburgh Tea and Coffee company – so stuck to water.

Bo kho

Bo kho

The stew was soon with me looking volcanically hot and seriously tempting. It was topped with aromatic lime and Thai basil.

It proved extremely good eating with warm spicing and delicious chunks of slow-cooked meat and veg. It was really good and just the thing on another typical Scottish summer’s day.

I was doing some checking on the attrition rate for places we’ve reviewed and it remains somewhere around 15%. I still think the major factor for businesses failing in Edinburgh is location.

I mention this in the context of Art & Vintage because it’s so very good, but has what looks to me to be a very tricky location to battle against. A matter of feet can make a huge difference, but I think it has a strong chance of tempting people those few extra yards off their usual route.

So overall, Art & Vintage is impressively good. A change of coffee supplier would make me happy, but if it works for them margin-wise perhaps it’s a good fit. I’d strongly recommend you visit soon, particularly if you’re looking for tranquillity on an otherwise busy day. It could come in very handy this August as an antidote to the Festival’s excesses.

Blythe scores Art & Vintage
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4.5/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 17/20

I ate: Vietnamese bo kho

I drank: water

I wore: linen

Total bill: £7.90

Address: 3 Lyne Street, Edinburgh EH7 5DN

Written by BKR