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The Real Pizza Factory

I’d noticed the Real Pizza Factory a few days previously on one of my wanders around the town, but it hadn’t been a favourable time to check it out as I’d just eaten nearby. I left it only a few days to swing by for a visit as it looked pretty intriguing.



On the Crighton Place stretch of Leith Walk, it’s in its first few weeks of trading, although their wares have been available as a delivery service for a wee while. The place was very sparsely decorated when I visited and they didn’t have their exterior signage in place, but it still felt oddly welcoming.

The menu packed in some topping combinations that looked really unusual. Goat’s cheese, pistachio and cranberry; Baby octopus and New Zealand mussels; white chocolate, M&Ms and strawberries. Curious…

I’m a big fan of eggs on pizza so opted to give their egg, walnut, gorgonzola and spinach variety a go.

The friendly counter folks prepared things to order with the item taking just a few moments to cook. It arrived with suitably runny yolks on the two eggs, in a takeaway box.



It proved extremely impressive and right up there with the best pizzas I’ve had in the city. The base with lightly crisp lending itself to the fold and shove-faceward method of eating without any of the central topping elements collapsing. It was highly pleasing.

So overall, it will take a while for the Real Pizza Factory to settle in but their pizza is very, very good. I think it’s mainly going to be a takeaway and delivery place, but there’s scope to make the sit-in area, where I lingered and ate, a little more polished. Whatever the case make sure to visit as I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

I ate: spinach, gorgonzola, walnut and egg pizza

I drank: water

I wore: tiki shirt

Total bill: £13.90

Address: 12 Crighton Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4NY

Written by BKR