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The Counter on the Canal

I was really charmed by Brunel, the barge run by the folks at Brass & Copper, when they had a relatively short tenure at a mooring on the canal not far from the back of Akva.

Coffee, barge, sign

Coffee, barge, sign

Brunel was sold on, a while back, to the folks at The Counter, given an extensive refit, and renamed The Counter on the Canal. It reopened serving excellent Mr Eion coffee and home-baked goods just a few weeks ago. I popped along to give it a go when the weather was just on the cusp of changing from sunny to rainy.

With a fresh blue coat of paint, the barge is eye-catchingly bonnie. You order at the window and sit at a table on shore, rather than getting aboard, but this might change – although there’s not much space inside – in the event of rain.

But I’m guessing quite a lot of the business will be done via takeaway custom and there was certainly an encouraging amount of pedestrian and cycling traffic when I visited on what was a fairly quiet Tuesday afternoon.

I was in my usual espresso mood so ordered one of those from the friendly counter woman.

I’ve always thought The Counter’s was one of the best of Mr Eion’s many bespoke blends and it was on excellent form again, today. I was highly pleased with it.

So overall, make sure to visit The Counter on the Canal next time you’re looking for excellent coffee, impressive baking and a fabulous waterfront spot to sip and nibble. I’ll be a frequent visitor, for sure.

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Written by BKR