The Black Bee

On a day when cats and dogs were liberally falling from the sky, I took shelter in Waverley Station from the feline and canine drippings.

Coffee cart

Coffee cart

Fortunately it was a Friday so I didn’t need to contend with the prospect of lunch or worse coffee from Caffe Nero. Friday meant that it was market day so I headed towards platform 2 to see what stalls were trading.

I was delighted to find a new coffee cart called The Black Bee. With a good selection selection of cakes that are likely to attract the attention of sweet-toothed punters, I was more interested in their coffee.

Coffee and market

Coffee and market

In my usual style, I ordered an espresso. The friendly stallholder explained that they were using Union Hand Roasted, a coffee that I like but often find poorly served. I’d had a good espresso at DeLekt recently, though.

With coffee in hand, I took a seat at one of the market’s tables to further extend my sheltered stay.

The espresso was really pretty good, nicely prepared with a good brightness. I enjoyed it.

So overall, The Black Bee looks a promising new addition to our market coffee stalls, sitting alongside the likes of the Bearded Barista and Linton & Co. Check them out next time you spot their cart.

3 stars 2

Written by BKR